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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Yes.. we faced the team FIRST IN PASS DEFENSE... and put up 4 TD's THROUGH THE AIR... How can we really argue with that?

Our problem was that the defense was not able to get off the field on 3rd downs. That one issue alone changed the face of the game.

And going back to a run first offense is the WORST THING WE COULD EVER DO. Show me ONE... just ONE of Cowher's teams that would have been able to pick up 2 touchdowns in the fourth quarter and put us in the position to tie/win?

In that run first team, we would have been lucky to get 7 points in the fourth quarter. Going back to the past will not give us hope in the future. Rolling our defense up onto the line and bumping the receivers coming off the line will help us win games. The defense getting pressure on the QB will help us win games. The O line actually blocking will help us win games.
So you liked the first half game plan of 12 runs, 21 passes (2 INTs and a sack/fumble return for a TD), and 7 points? If anyone has as bad a run defense as Denver it is Cincy - should they be pass happy next Sunday too?

IMO nobody is saying the Steelers go back to a 65/35 run/pass split like 2004 but going pass happy gives the D less rest.

Ben threw 35 passes last night against the worst run defense in the league (which might explain why teams do not waste time passing against Denver) - when he throws over 25 the Steelers usually lose

Bottom line is Steelers were 14 points down and lost to a team San Diego smacked - not a good thing

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