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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
So you liked the first half game plan of 12 runs, 21 passes (2 INTs and a sack/fumble return for a TD), and 7 points? If anyone has as bad a run defense as Denver it is Cincy - should they be pass happy next Sunday too?

IMO nobody is saying the Steelers go back to a 65/35 run/pass split like 2004 but going pass happy gives the D less rest.

Ben threw 35 passes last night - when he throws over 25 the Steelers usually lose

That stat is meaningless as a pointer to cause or effect.

Why do we lose? Is it because Ben throws the ball? Or is it because our defense is so bad during those games that Ben HAS to throw the ball that many times to keep us in the game? I don't by the stat as a pointer to passing as bad.

Furthermore, Ben had 1 interception that was his fault. Ward was at fault for the second interception. If you have both hands on the ball, your at fault of the ball gets through your hands. Period.

Ben should have protected the ball better on the fumble. But running the ball doesn't guarantee that there won't be a fumble.

And on that Time of possession thing..... here are the stats...

Thats 31:35 FOR THE STEELERS....

So if our Defense can't play LESS then half a game... We have serious troubles.

No, Passing the ball is not why we lost... it IS the reason why we were within a minute and a quarter of tying the game however.
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