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Default Re: Bronco arrested after the game

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
HBO Real Sports is a pretty responsible show - initial reports of other Broncos acting positively might have been (I do not claim to know what happened that night) local media happy talk to put the best spin on a tragedy

Real Sports" said another Broncos receiver, Brandon Marshall, and his cousin were partying with Williams' group that night and began spraying champagne around, "some of which hit a club patron and his friend, who confronted Williams and his entourage."

Walker said he didn't see the encounter inside the club but saw trouble brewing when he left at closing time, when Marshall and his cousin were exchanging heated words with two men. Witnesses said it was the same men from inside the club.,00.html

Ahh... that would change things then.

Though I am still not sure why THAT story had to be brought up.
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