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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Two can play the circular logic game

I agree passing brought the Steelers back last night (when you are 14 points down in the 4th quarter you do not have many other options) but not balancing the run and the pass is what botched the first half and got them down in the first place. Tomlin apparently thought so too if his comments about needing to run more to Andrea Kramer at the half are accurate and if he had any input into the Steelers calling 5 runs out of 6 plays to start the second half after Foote's interception)

And as far as interceptions being someone's "fault" I am not blaming Ben - throwing as much as Arians called last night is going to set up more miscues when it was not necessary to do so

The first half was Bruce Arians being too clever for his own good and it blew up on him - I do not think he has yet found his play calling rhythm (as Madden observed in the first half last night about the Steelers seeming disjointed)

All around....

That is just a very smart post!

Here is a couple questions then, tying this post in with Mosca's post.

1. Is it worth going out and looking for a big receiver that can run the deep routes?

2. On a completely different note, would it be better for the NFL in their stat keeping, to keep stats on interceptions more like baseball... Error (position). So it would look more like this, "Interception (QB)" or "Interceptions (WR)." The initials would be for the player who was responsible for the interception (did Ben throw the ball into double coverage? Yep Interception (QB). Did the ball hit Ward in the hands? Yep, Interception (WR). I just think it would keep better record of what really happened in the game.

3. Your dead right on balance. So the question then is... what is keeping us from that balance. I can't imagine it is just Arians saying screw it. What is he seeing, or what does he suspect that makes us be unbalanced?
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