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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by Big D View Post
and you didnt pull your hair out after bens three first half turnovers? You face the 32nd ranked run defense. How about pound the football.
I pulled out my hair after Ben's first interception, after Hines let a ball go right through his hands and into a second interception, and when the O line let the defense come through like they were turnstyles and created a fumble by hitting Ben (yeah, Ben should tried to tuck the ball better as well).

Pound the ball? With 8 and 9 men in the box? Sure, why not. Whenver we TRIED to do that, we got STUFFED. The big runs happened when they started fanning out to protect against the pass (if I remember the game right, gotta watch it again to make sure).
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