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Default Re: Ben Gets No Love from the Zebras!!!

Originally Posted by MJ5150 View Post
Good point. I'm just nervous people are going to start blaming the refs for not showing us "love", or Ben specifically.

I have always prided myself on Steeler fans not being like the whiny Scoobyhawk fans who look to the refs everytime they lose a game. Some of you Steeler fans only got a small sample of it from SBXL. It's like that all the time up here, and it makes me sick to hear them.

But yeah, I can see the disparity I suppose.

And that is also a great point, MJ. I certainly didn't blame the loss on that horrible call at the end of the game that made all the difference between the Broncos being in Elam's FG range and not - I would imagine some folks would. No, I blame it on the O playing terrible in the 1st half, the D playing terrible for the entire game, and the Broncos realizing that there is a HUGE difference between being 3-3 and 2-4.
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