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Default Re: Sorry Lasts nights game begs the question

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
We lost to a bad team on the road, and it's not the first time we've done that this season. I gave the Steelers a pass once on this issue, but when a mistake or whatever you choose to call it is repeated without the lesson being learned, it's cause for concern.

It seems to me that some people are rationalizing by attributing more worth to the Denver Broncos then they deserve. Please remember that this is a team that had 2 wins prior to this, and they were both determined in the last seconds. Those wins came against the Bills and the Raiders. And we were down to this team 21-7. A team with a patchwork OL and their best cover corner out. The WR corp of the Bronco's was elite at one time, but last night? Um, no.

If we were playing NE or Indy on the road next week, we'd be 21 point dogs and we'd deserve to be. We have yet to prove that we can beat bad teams on the road, and until we do, this is not a quality football team.
although +17 appears to be the ceiling on Pats pointspreads so far

But FWIW 13-3 probably is a number 3 seed in the AFC this year, so just winning the AFC North or West with a lesser record gets the same result - a first round home game and a ticket to Indy or Foxborough. The Steelers have 10 weeks to improve.

For that reason I do not think last night had any real impact on whether and where the Steelers will be playing in January - but lose to Cincinnati and the season starts taking a definite turn for the worse.
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