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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Peter King believes WR is a deep position you can pick up in the later rounds - i agree with King you spend your $$$ on who is throwing the ball, so spending yet another #1 on a WR (they have used 3 of 9 #1 picks on WR since 1999) does not make sense to me with the other needs (OL!!!!!) this team needs to fill.

For better or worse the Steelers had a first class deep threat (and head case) with Plax - I believe they made the correct choice with signing Ward and letting Plax go, but with Ward's contract I think at this point they have to figure out why Holmes is not being showcased rather than throw more $$$ at the problem.

As for the stats on who is responsible for INTs, my bet is NFL personnel men keep those sorts of stats but waiting to see how the "official scorer" would decide if the turnover was the QB's fault is probably not something the NFL officials (or fantasy football players) are ready to measure officially.

As for Arians, I just think he goes into a game with a plan (I admit I was yelling at him in the Arizona game for running too much) and will not deviate from it. He opened up with the pass, had success on the first series,and then rode it into the ground until halftime. When the pass first strategy was not working last night he was not flexible enough to change it until Tomlin told him to do so at halftime - maybe he should go back up to the booth and see what defenses are doing.

My concern is that Arians now becomes bipolar and runs 70% of the time this coming Sunday (which I think is a huge game - it either snuffs the Bengals season or puts them a game back with their New England loss already behind them).

Some coordinator decisions work out (Erhardt, Gailey & Whiz) and some do not (Sherman & Gilbride) - IMO Arians is on thin ice already.

Yes. And the thought of another "We Need a Receiver" tremor leaves me shaking my head. We have enough fire power catching footballs especially with our tight ends feasting in the end zone.

And if our TE's are not blocking then our linemen ought to be. And if Arians can't find plays that don't require Ben to camp out deep in the pocket then it's apparent he's not right for the job.

When our Pro Bowler Marvel Smith needs Davenport to help hold down one rusher the size of Santonio Holmes or Hines Wards is not the first thing that comes to mind for the upcoming draft.
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