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Default Re: The Sky isnt Falling but...

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Before I got my hopes up in September, my preseason guess had the Steelers 4-1 at the bye and finishing up 10-6 (with road losses to Denver and Cincy).

That may be about right - this team has definite problems on the road the past 2 seasons
Why would you go road loss vers Cincy when the last two seasons we won at there house and they won at our house.. It could be the same this year if we split..

Far as the Denver game can you say, Run Ben Run. Ben runs for his life every game. Ya great offensive line.
Were playing the 32 run defense in the NFL and what do we do come out passing. Pound that rock.
Defense first half, were was the pressure.
Defense last drive, were was the pressure and anyone who plays prevent should be thrown off the mountain.
Why wait till later in the game to get dump offs to willie are screens. Willie is dangerous in open field. Willie has 8 catches for 43 yards. Ya that number should be higher. Ben should use his check down more.
Starting in Cincy we will start to make are push for the playoffs. So now we will see what tomlin is made of.

And remember peeps, when was the last time we went 3-0 to start a season. What do we normally do in the first 6 games of the season in the last 20 years. Some of us old time fans know we take bumps in the first 6 games. We have not started off 4-0 since the 70s, and last time we started off 3-0 was 92. So the world is not fallen over a couple losses. We have to play are best ball down the stretch.
Ben did what he had to do the last part of the game without a mistake. That is the most important. It was another game we let slip by.
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