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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by Haiku_Dirtt View Post
Yes. And the thought of another "We Need a Receiver" tremor leaves me shaking my head. We have enough fire power catching footballs especially with our tight ends feasting in the end zone.

And if our TE's are not blocking then our linemen ought to be. And if Arians can't find plays that don't require Ben to camp out deep in the pocket then it's apparent he's not right for the job.

When our Pro Bowler Marvel Smith needs Davenport to help hold down one rusher the size of Santonio Holmes or Hines Wards is not the first thing that comes to mind for the upcoming draft.
I agree on the draft... I actually think this may be the one time we need to pick up a WR in FA. Someone who is proven and can get the job done on deep routes.
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