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Default "Fair weather fans."

I love it when someone says they are upset with the coaching or play calling, or if a player is overrated that they are pointed out as "fair weather" or "bandwagon" fans.

I was very pissed at how we played last night. We were beat by a team that:

A. Was missing their best two players.

B. Beat two very bad teams by last second FG's.

C. That has one of the worst run D's in the NFL!

I agree that Denver's back was up against the wall and it was a must win game for them. We however (if were as good as we think we are) should be able to go into Mile high and win.

Our two losses came against below .500 ball clubs! You can't do that and expect to win the SB!

We as fans can only keep saying "You can't win them all" or "we have time to fix the problems" for so long. Remember, that 2005 team was a once a decade kind of run, maybe once a generation. We can't think that we can just turn it on when we have to. It does'nt work that way in the NFL!

I'm very worried about this team, and I don't care if we win in Cincinnati next week, that will not change anything. Until we can go on the road and beat a good team I will stay worried.

Oh yea, call me what you want for being very pissed at what happen last night. I don't have to justify to anyone what kind of fan I am, nor do any of you.
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