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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

No you do not have to justify your frustration but as a long time fans myself I can only tell you what my perspective is. I do not think the Steelers are a Super Bowl contender AT THIS TIME. They do not have a power running game which I think is essential for the Steelers. Whether it is the Ol or the running backs I am not sure yet. It may be both but I am leaning toward an inconsistent offensive line.

I believe Ben is a tremendous quarterack and Tomelin will be a great coach. As a fan I choose not to criticize them but support them. The Steelers are who they are and unless the opffensive line some how improves during the season , (which it could considering it added two new players) the Steelers are going to lose games they should not . Pleased know that I live among the most fairweather fans , namely the 49ers and it is a joke. For me if the Steelers make the play offs this year I am happy. They do have a team and coaching staff that they can build upon and remember they are the PITTSBURTH STEELERS and that is special. Out here in Sacramento they are an extremely popular team a close third to the Whiners , and the Raiders. Enjoy the season and hope they make some corrections because that is what well coached teams do.

Michael from Aliquippa to Sacramento California
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