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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

I think the reaction was more to the fact that....

During the bye week... the questions were of the "Is this the best defense since the 70s? type questions. Is there anyone as good as us? Can we beat the pats?

Now, after one loss, it seems like we are asking, "Will we make the playoffs?" why do we suck so much? Why don't we do this, or that?

Doesn't that seem a little absurd to you too? Wouldn't you agree that there really is no reason for Chicken Little to show up around here yet?

Are there concerns? Of course there is concerns. Our O line that I thought came together well showed considerable weakness yesterday. Our D that we thought almost invincible reminded us a little too much of 2003.

But that is a far cry from declaring that this person sucks, that person is wrong, We knew we would be horrible, blah blah blah.

What is even more hilarious... are the people that act like we are doing the team a disservice by putting our head in the sand... which leads me to another thread...
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