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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

I love the Pittsburth Steelers and have for over 40 years. I replayed the first half of the Denver game and I am analyzing it just to satisfy myself. I am in the process of evaluating this team and and in the end I will accept them for who they are. The Pittsburgh Steelers are an incredible franchise deserving of my respect and loyalty because they are not the Bengals, not the Cowboys, not the Raiders and I could go on. I do not criticize any fan for their criticism . That is their right and quite frankly like in all other subjects some people do not know their subject matter but just simply like to express their anger. Thats life and that certainly is sports, and always will be.

I have arrived at the point in my life where I enjoy the Steelers and the season is not a dissapointment if they do win the Super Bowl. However I do expect hardnosed blue collar football , aggressive blitzing defense, power running game with a more open passing attack (not Tommy ball ) going deep on occassion. I expect the Steelers to make the play offs at least 7 out of 10 years and would hope and expect the Steelers to win 1 to 3 more Super Bowls under Ben's career. Other Brady and Manning there is no other QB I would even consider and certainly not Romo.

Joe Greene became a man because he played for the Steelers and in turn he offered a magic quality of "WE WILL WIN". The Steelers do win and they are by and large what a local sports commentator out in Sacramento out here aptly describes ,

"When you play for the Pittsburgh Steelers you must be a good citizen.

Now that is what is special yesterday and today about our Steelers.

They do win and they win with class. So rare in sports but we have it and enjoy it.

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