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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Nobody said you were a fairweather fan. If you check the posts here and there since last Sunday, not one person uttered the word "fairweather". "Fickle" is the better word. Don't get the two confused, Augusta.

Steelers win: We're going to the Super Bowl!
Steelers lose: This team is garbage, this season is over.

The D is a prime example. One bad game, now all of the sudden they suck. It's one thing to be concerned, but the doom-and-gloom has to stop. If the season plays out as much as fans and media percieve it as of now, the Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions right now. A lot can happen from here until February.

We Steeler fans were SO spoiled from 15-1. We have this somewhat false sense of security that this team is invincible. How about swallowing pride and giving credit to the opponent for once. Denver played the game of their lives, Pittsburgh played a sloppy game, and we still lost by 3 LOUSY POINTS ON A LAST-SECOND FIELD GOAL. Please Augusta and all you naysayers, feel free to stop watching the Steelers anytime you please is you believe this season is shot. No one is going to stop you.
Fickle and spoiled - definitely two accurate descriptions of far too many Steelers fans. We have many in our fanbase who think it's their birthright that the Steelers win the Super Bowl every year, and if they don't, then the sky is falling, the team sucks and everyone should be fired. And I'm not exaggerating either. You can call it what you want and you can flame me all you want, but it's the truth, and as is the case most times, nobody likes to hear or see the truth.
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