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Default Re: Anyone Sick Of Tom Brady?

You kidding me . This guy has a chance to be the greatest QB ever. Other than jealousy and resentment whats the problem. I still think Marino was the greatest. I admire Favre for his toughness and gun slinger demeanor. Tom Brady when he is finished might be the best QB ever. I am not ready to crown him yet but man the guy is incredible. He makes it look too easy and this scares me. Having said all this I hope the Steelers are the first team to crack his apparent invincibility and I mean twice this year.

In the mean time enjoy the Master and ignore the Peter Kings and Chris Collinsworths. It is not Brady's fault the press falls all over their feet to worship him. Finally I think we got a guy who can be pretty good too. Ben is going to get even better and we do not know what his highest level of play is. One thing apparent to me is that Ben is the better athlete. However he could learn from Brady.
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