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Default Re: The non-existent "vertical game"

Originally Posted by ?teeldude View Post
the vertical game is mostly BR's fault. he has yet to learn how to throw the long ball. it's generally a hanging short pass. he did this in college too. his mechanics are also poor when throwing long. he tends to lean back rather than follow through.

most of BR's plays come on broken school yard plays. he needs to read the WRs quicker and get rid of ball sooner.
I agree with this as well. I thought Ben had a QB coach? He obviously isn't doing much to improve Ben's mechanics, because I still see him throwing off his back foot an awful lot. Even his mechanics on the WR slip screens aren't very good. I also agree that he needs to get rid of the ball sooner - more 3 and 5 step drops would be nice. I like that he always wants to make a play, and having a porous OL doesn't help, but he still holds onto the ball way too long at times.
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