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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
Fair weather fans, I remember back to a cold December morning in 79, we were in a job trailer on a construction site outside of the Burgh drinking coffee and talking about our favorite subject, the Steelers before work. In walks our old crusty superintendent and he asks us what we?re talking about, the Steelers what else! Ah, your just a bunch of fair weather fans! What do ya mean, we?ve been Steelers fans since we?ve been kids! Ah, fair weather fans! Yea everyone a Steelers fan, they win a couple of Super Bowls and now everyone?s a fan!! I?ve had season tickets for 30 YEARS, sitting in the rain watching them lose to every sorry team that could scrape together bus fare into town. I?ve sat trough one loosing season after another, I?m a fan!! They get a fancy stadium, win a couple of Super Bowls now everyone?s a ?FAN?.

It kind of put thing into perspective even back then, what kind of fan are you, their our team, they are going to lose some games, but true fans are in for the long haul, 75 years 5 rings. That means 69 out of 74 seasons we didn?t get it done, but that?s life in the NFL, it sure makes winning it all pretty special!
What a GREAT post oldschool! Kudos!

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