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Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
I don't necessarily put the blame for the Steelers loss solely on the D's shoulders. The entire team, as well as the coaching staff, shares in the defeat, imho.

Yes- the D didn't play up to the standard of the first 4 games this season, but the nail in our coffin came shy of the end of the first half when Mahan screwed up the snap to Ben and the fumble resulted in a Broncs' TD. From that point on, the D only gave up 1 more TD.
I agree with you HTG...but I also think that if this were on a scale... the scale would tilt to the defense in this game.

However, that DOES bring up another point.

The difference between us and the best teams right now, is that when the offense or defense is lacking in a game, the other side is able to pick them up. Now, we were almost able to do that this game... but really. If we were as good as we all thought, wouldn't we have been able to put the ball in the endzone a couple more times?
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