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Default Re: I hate to say it, but same mistakes will haunt us forever.

Originally Posted by wiz1120 View Post
Ever since the AFC Championship in 2001, the blue print to beat the Steelers is short routes over the middle. Tom Brady and the Patriots drew up the game plan to completely destroy the Steelers, and what have the Steelers done about it?

The more blitzes we run, the shorter the dropback is for the quarterback. All he has to do is get the ball out quick and the Steelers get lit up. I can't believe how long this problem has gone on, and it only happens against the good teams. Now, however, I saw Jay Cutler and the Broncos drive right down the field time and time again. I knew that the Broncos would drive down the field no problem, and that's exactly what they did (with time to spare).

I don't even know if I want to watch the Patriots game. I predict Brady going 40 for 55, and I doubt they will even run the ball until they get a huge lead. Sorry Steeler fans, but we have two great defensive coaches who continue to make the same mistakes and will get beat the same way come December 9th.
I guess everyone forgot to check out tapes of the 2001 Pats-Steelers game during the 2005 playoffs or (since Peyton Manning allegedly watches all film ever recorded) someone stole Peyton's copy of that game film.

Don't underestimate the significance of Aaron Smith's absence on Sunday night in terms of impacting the D (just like the D declined after Troy left the Arizona game)

And as far as a teams's defensive shortcomings only being exposed against good teams, I suppose that is why they are good.

I have no love for New England, but if the season is ruined for you if New England wins you might want to consider getting NBA League Pass and quit watching the rest of this NFL season. IMO they are loathsome but one of the best offensive teams I have seen since the Montana/Young 49ers.
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