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Default Re: I hate to say it, but same mistakes will haunt us forever.

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Actually, it did. Go and watch the Superbowl. That was EXACTLY the way Seattle kept driving on us and staying in the game. It is just that we were able to overcome it. However, that kind of play is a crap shoot, and I don't like it. It has CONTINUED to be a problem.

Our CB's NEED to roll up on the wr. but that messes with LeBeau's scheme. So what do we do? I do hope they will figure it out.

Yes Preacher, but we shut down the best offense in football (at least for three quarters) three weeks earlier. I understand that the LeBeau defense leaves some holes in the secondary, which can be exposed if we don't get a pass rush. However, the alternative to the blitz schemes is suicide. We don't (and probably no one else) have the db's to stay with the receivers of the Colts or Pat's indefinitely. This is true at least as long as those teams have their respective quarterbacks.

Given enough time, Sir's Manning and Bradey will pick anybody apart with the receiving corps they presently have. The only chance is to disrupt their rhythm by a confusing combination of blitzes with as good of coverage as you can muster, given the remaining numbers in the secondary. Yes, sometimes a good strategy is to fake the blitz, rush three, and play tight coverage. However, that strategy only works if you can make them worry about the blitz in the first place. And you can't make them worry about the blitz unless you hurt them with it first.

Truthfully, we only win against the Colts or Pats if we force turnovers and keep the ball for the better part of the game.
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