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Default Re: Parity and the Pats

Here is the funny thing about parody in the NFL. Here are the last bunch of Super Bowl winners:

2001- New England Patriots (came out of nowhere so bam! parody)

2002- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (they were in the NFC Championship Game for two years prior to their win, no real parody there. At the time, they were perenneal contenders)

2003- New England Patriots (Here they are again, that parody factor is begining to wear off)

2004- New England Patriots (Okay, now the parady factor has complely worn off. They are named a "dynasty" by the media)

2005- Pittsburgh Steelers (Have almost always contended for the AFC crown under Cowher. Still no parody)

2006- Indianapolis Colts (Have been in the playoffs numerous times, every year since Dungy took over in 2002. It was inevitable that the eventually get to the Super Bowl, and they got there and won it)

I see no parody there. I see parody in MLB

2001- Arizona Diamondbacks (Came out of nowhere to win the NL West, NL Pennant, and then beat the big-bad Yankee powerhouse in the World Series)

2002- Anaheim Angels (Came out of nowhere to win the Wild Card and beat the Yankees in their ALDS matchup)

2003- Florida Marlins (Came out of nowhere to win the World Series, beating the Yankees)

2004- Boston Red Sox (On and off playoff contenders who beat guess who, the Yankees in the ALCS after coming back from a 3-0 defecit to sweep the World Series)

2005- Chicago White Sox (Weren't picked to win the division much less the World Series, they kinda came out of nowhere. They went on to sweep the Series)

2006- St. Lois Cardinals (Lost to the Red Sox in 2004 and made it back wo win the series 4-1. Weren't expected to get to the Series and some expected them to lose the division with their late season skid)

2007- Colorado Rockies/Boston Red Sox (Red Sox have been here before, they parody of it would turn down with a Red Sox Series win. The Rockies have never been to the World Series before, and not to the postseason since I think 1994. Them winning their first World Series would be major parody)

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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