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Default Re: Some props to Ben.

On a night where our defense did not play up to par and, we did have three turnovers we still almost won the game. Ben had us right there at the end and, I think the play calling in the first half cost us the most. I know Champ is not playing so we throw more like the 03 steelers. It is too easy to seat here and complain about it so, Sunday it is all about the bungals. We need to forget the last game and play steelers football which is a balanced attack. If our o line does their job Ben has showed he is a very effective QB. It is not time too push the panic button we just need to regroup and, come out and crush the bungals! Plus Willie almost broke two or three of the runs big time we must show more faith in our ground game.
Give Ben some credit here I know two picks and a fumble but, one of the picks was tipped. It seems to me we our the only team that can't have turnovers and win. Look at the Dallas - Bills game 5 int's for Romo and they still win. If was not for Ben making plays in the second half that game could have been real ugly. I know it was bad enough and, this week we stop the bleeding and get back to steeler football.

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