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Default Re: Debate- Salary Caps?

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
Hey Verks. Great debate. Caps tend to create more "parity" and more equal competitinon for the most part in pro sports IMO. I think that can make sports more competitive and more enjoyable for more viewers. Real world, I'll take free market capitalism. BTW, where are those pix you were gonna post from your visit to the 'Burgh!!!
I agree, there is a place for free market capitalism, but in sports it benefits everyone to have a salary cap to keep teams competitive.

Take for Example Yankees vs Devil Rays, one team is sold out every single game and the other never have more then a few thousand in the seats.

in the NFL lets take to Pats vs the Raiders, although one team is very good and the other isn't they both sell out and thous would generate more overall revenue for the league.
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