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Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
to be fair, we didnt have a chance to take willis and poz is out for the season. plus none of them would be full time starters with our linebacker anyhow. willis would play the most in our defense.
right well, I wasn't really arguing that we should have taken someone else.

there were 4 linebackers taken in the first 34 picks of the draft. 5 if you want you count Anthony Spencer as an OLB for dallas. Of those, Lawrence Timmons is the only one not starting. I guess disappointing isn't the word I should have used, because i wouldnt really want him starting.

But i def, think he should be in active rotation, you're never gonna learn unless you get the experience, we've been up in some games by a lot and he hasn't got much playing time at all (or atleast it seems like to me)

I don't know if thats a reflection of practice or what, but i know he's been awesome on ST coverage units. I don't know what you have to do to get more playing time. It said that woodley was in on what, 66 plays? ... I bet timmons' total isn't even half that (although, I would be curious to find out if anyone knows???)

But yes, I would have to say out of all the teams (dallas, carolina, sanfran, bills), we are/were definitly in the best shape at LB, before the draft, and now. Also, injuries, (dal-greg ellis, carolina-dan morgan, patrick willis was going to be a must start anyways, bills-spikes left).
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