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Gene Collier of the P-G agrees in today's column:

"It was several individuals, but we don't stand as individuals, we stand as a team," Tomlin said at the weekly media mingle. "As a team, we fell short, assignment-wise. We'll make corrections and move on."

Wonder which individuals?

One in particular, coming late in the third quarter on Denver's fourth touchdown drive, sent three receivers to the left of the formation, somehow confronting only one Pittsburgh defender. Technically, Troy Polamalu was lined up on that side as well, but in more of a blitzing attitude, seeming to change his mind at the snap and chase one-to-three wideouts toward the boundary.

Too late.

Jay Cutler zipped a flat pass to Brandon Marshall, who pedaled 22-yards through the sideline traffic all the way to the 1, where safety Ryan Clark managed to keep him out of the end zone...

"Troy was not supposed to blitz on that play," Tomlin corrected. "We got misaligned and they out-leveraged us and got a significant gain. A lot of times when you give up plays defensively, don't get me wrong, you want to give credit to your opponent for executing, but their success is usually your failure, and there were instances in this football game where we were not where we were supposed to be. That is just the reality of it.

Sounds like Troy may have been one of the suspects

Collier seems to be ready to push the panic button if teh Steelers lose again this Sunday

A week from Monday, this season will be half over. If some of these defensive issues aren't resolved, maybe more than half.
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