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Default Re: Paintball Thread

Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
i remember one time my dad came with me to the field i usually play on, he brought all of his old marine buddys with him and i had my team with me. the week before we played out in the woods and got a little ****y because he was doing so well (some reason i do horrible in the woods). well he said he could handle me and my team (i believe his exact words were "anyplace i could spit the paintballs at you and still win"). he had never seen me on a X-Ball field. so we played his team 5 on 5 first to 7. 15 minutes later all 5 of these marine mocho man are sitting on a bench all welted up while we are off in another corner laughing to death. i think only one of us got hit all match.
My kid and his friends would smoke us at speedball...but they dont have a prayer in the woods...I think that is because we have been trained to "not take chances"...and speedball is all about "controlled" aggressivness
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