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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
I am the True Fair Weather Fan

That means, even though I sat through Walter Abercrombie, Loui Lipps, and 9 different qbs since Bradshaw, and had my heart ripped from my chest 9 or so times between afc title losses, a super bowl loss and other PO losses, I always want it to be Fair Weather for my Team.

A fan is a fan, regardless of whether or not they have been rooting for the steelers since they were 2 and they wanted the black team to beat the blue team cause all the adults in the room were cheering for the blue team, or they were turned to the "dark side" when the steelers hoisted the trophy two years ago and realized that through it all, the Rooney Family and the Attitude of a blue collar work ethic was something they associated with, DOESNT MATTER. What matters is the fans are here now, and even though a loss to Denver (which historically, we lose to Denver in the regular season) sucks, it is only something to make the team stronger. Cause when it counts, we learn, hey, we need to pressure the QB more, Ward needs to hold on to the ball, the offense can pass, the defense can once in a while make a stop and in a 2 minute drill, we can score.

SO Fair Weather, Stormy Weather or Bermuda Weather (non hurricane) IT JUST DOESNT MATTER!!!! A Fan is a Fan is a Fan...And DANG IT!!! If you take the time to go online, to a Steelers forum and post your thoughts (bad or good) that shows ME you are a FAN. And DANG IT. I love our FANS!!!!!

We think that all of you who cheered for us are true fans.


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