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Default Re: "Fair weather fans."

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
geesh....they start the season at 3 - 0, and all the sudden its superbowl or bust !!! nobody can honestly say, that they were exspecting a perfect season or a superbowl win 3 months ago. so why is it ,just because they beat 3 sub standard teams at the begining of the season, and all the sudden the espectations go through the roof? we were 8 - 8 last year people ! albeit they were underachievers , but we new coming into this year , some of last years problems were going to carry over to this year. how could they not ? the oline was horrible last year....did you really exspect the addition of mahan to simply solve the problem? just imagine how its gonna be next year ,when faneca departs, and smith starts whining about his contract. the DB'S were a mess last year , they have a few good games against some of the leagues worst qb's ,barring maybe hasselbeck, and some of you were ready to crown them the best secondary in the league. lets not forget the bronco's were coming into this season with higher exspectations from the sports media than the steelers. they've definetly been underachievers thus far,possibly due to injurys but none the less they've still been an elite team and perrenial contender for a long time, and shanahan knows how to win.

I don't think I've ever said SB or bust. I was just trying to point out that we have a long way to go. I also tried to point out that if you have neg remarks about the team after that loss, that you are not a "fair weather fan" thats it. Nothing more nothing less.

Thanks MOP.
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