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Default Fourth Quarter Offense

First and foremost. When is an opponent allowed to slam our QB into the ground without any consequences? The retaliation was almost an embarassment being on a SNF broadcast. I hope that gets fixed.

Major thanks to the NFL Network After finally seeing the game on NFL Replay I really watched two.

The second quarter was an utter disaster. The fire spread and spread. There were a number of broken plays that blew up when the ball was snapped and you have to put that on the OC. The bad snap/QB fumble was a ten point turnaround. THAT was not getting "outcoached" or the result of "overcoaching."

It's what happened after the snaps that was even a bigger problem in the second quarter. Instead of bringing the receivers back to the line of scrimmage Ben had dreams of the back corner of the endzone. He practically pointed to the heavens a couple times during plays. He shouldn't be playing this game with a joystick.

The Fourth Quarter Offense in Denver ran on ALL cylinders. Perfectly. The ball came out quicker and the line got in sync. So I guess that's Tomlin's fault too.

And since our defensive coordinator has been running this defense since the Ice Age I'd expect that this squad will pull their heads out of funk, yeah funk and show a different mindset in Cincinatti.
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