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Default 10/21/07 Steelers vs Broncos

We traveled to Denver where the air was thin
To play the Broncos who no one thought could win

Steelers came out throwing although they probably should have run
Denver's run defense was better than no one

Both teams went down the field to score pretty quick
But then Ben had to go and throw a pick

Then came another and then Ben fumbled too
These were not the 2007 Steelers we knew

What happened to our defense - the best in football?
Not playing like a # 1 defense at all

Ben tried hard to make a comeback but it wasn't quite enough
Denver hasn't played well so this shouldn't have been so tough

Steelers tied it up leaving just over a minute
And for a short time there was a chance we might win it

Unfortunately for us, Jason Elam is automatic
The kick went through and Broncos fans were ecstatic

Hopefully the Steelers rebound from this loss
And prepare to remind the Cincinnati Bengals whos boss

So, Bengals I have one question here
Will your team have more wins than arrests this year?
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