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Default Re: "Unlock doors to Hall for Modell"

Yours is to the Steelers and ours is to the Browns, so we have it! We have the most loyal fan base there is.

We had the best rivalry there was in sports I think, anyway around our parts. Now it is who hates the ratbirds more. We still have our rivalry, and it will never be like the old time one, I don't believe.
Hey I am beginning to like you guys and gals somewhat.
But I will deny saying that. You have to remember I am ADD and can get away with things like that. Besides I am an old man so we can say things we don't mean and then deny we said them.
But really I do believe between the Browns and Steelers have the most loyal fans anywhere. We have had the hard times and the good times yet the fans have still been there for both. We both get the band wagon fans and for all I am concerned they can go to Cinci, because the Bengals Suck. Even my neighbor says so and he is a die hard Bengal fan. LOL Now they are thinking of trading Chad I hear. LMOA. They are falling apart at the seams.

Maybe, Just maybe... they should get rid of a certain HC who lets all this garbage go on down there??? Just a thought.

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