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Default Re: "Unlock doors to Hall for Modell"

Originally Posted by rbryan View Post
Forget about the fact that he's a scumbag that ripped the heart out of the city of Cleveland. What contribution has he made to warrant getting into the HOF???? Are we supposed to give every owner a pass into the Hall as long as he's been around forever regardless of his track record???
The owners probably love him because he did make big contributions to negotiating the initial network TV deals, Baltimore media loves him for screwing Cleveland after Irsay screwed Baltimore, and Jim Brown loves him for running Paul Brown out of Cleveland.

As for everyone else, Modell is a symbol of the quest for the $$ over anything else (latest example being the World Series schedule forcing the Rockies to sit for 8 days and potentially going into November for TV ratings) that is a cancer eating away at sports. But Al Davis sued the league repeatedly and got in, so I guess Modell has a shot.
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