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Default Re: quarterback play

Originally Posted by K mf G View Post

i'm a guest and have been in a week long debate about quarterback play with a friend so i am here to get an objective opinion

let's say the past four games for the steelers were against the falcons, dolphins, ravens and browns, let's then say you only won one game out of these four by three points gainst the dolphins and your offense didn't score a touchdown, let's also say that out of the four games your starting quarterback has only one touchdown pass in the four games and he went three games in a row with no touchdown passes against the dophins, ravens and browns, in the browns game your last game your team fell behind 35 to 7, and in the fourth quarter your back up qb threw for four touchdowns, mind you he also had four turnovers, but your team ended up losing 38-36,

is it acceptable that your starting quarterback goes three consecutive games with no touchdown pass? what should be done in your opinion?

i aopologize for my intrusion but i am really looking for some objectivity
i'd say it depends on the history of your starting QB. i mean is the guy a proven winner ? is his play the last 4 weeks unusual, or is he hot one game,sucks the next? what i'm getting at is, is he usually consistent? you wouldn't bench manning or brady for a bad streak, but someone like pennington,you bench.
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