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Default Re: Back in the saddle!

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
And I feel like SUCH a broken record... but once AGAIn I have to add... what will we do against the sort routes? Will we roll up the DB's? or will we allow the short routes?
The Bengals WR's aren't too fond of the short routes. They're not, nor have they ever been, physical WR's. T.J. used to run some short routes over the middle but over the past 2 seasons he's been getting BLASTED so he's not very eager to run those routes these days. If you watch the Bengals WR's closely, you'll find that they're always attempting to run out of bounds after making a catch. They don't like contact.

As I recall, prior to this season, most of the Bengals highlights were of Carson throwing sideline streak routes and endzone fade routes. I never understood why defenses, including the Steelers, would allow the Bengals to have success with what is a very simple play to stop. Any defense can stop streak patterns and this year against the Bengals, EVERYONE has taken that element of their game away.
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