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Default Re: Is Polamalu overrated?

The idea of using Troy, "out of position" is that the other guys in the secondary must hold their coverage long enough for him to disrupt the play he is being used to disrupt, whether it be a pass or run.

Troy lines up over the offense's right tackle. Showing Blitz, but his assignment is the TE Curl Route. In order for him to be effective, the defense end, or linebacker over the TE must chip the TE off the line to buy Troy the time he needs to fake blitz, and fall back into coverage. If the End doesn't chip, the TE will have the time he needs to get to the curl pattern and appear to be uncovered, when really, another player had an assignment on that play and didn't make it. Also, the true pressure from the offense's left side, a blitzing DB or LB, is supposed to force the QB to pass quicker than he wants, creating a situation where the TE is late to the route, the pass is early, and Troy is in the right spot at the right time.

That's defensive strategy. Nothing more, its not "freelancing" or being over or under rated. It is...what it is.
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