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Default Without a Fullback

Rushing Stats 2005 (with fullback)

Through week 7, week 4 bye >>>>>2005 competition: Tennessee, Houston, New England, San Diego and Jacksonville.

Attmps avg yards td?s

113 4.8 539 3

Rushing Stats 2007 (without fullback)

Through week 7, week 6 bye >>>>>2007 competition: Cleveland, Buffalo, San Francisco, Arizona, Seattle and Denver.

Attmps avg yards td?s

142 4.2 600 1

It took Willie only 113 carries to reach 539 yards in 2005. In contrary in took him 142 carries (approx. 29 more carries) just to reach 600 yardsin 2007. During the year 2006 he had 5 td?s by week 7 with 481 yards in 126 carries.

Also look at the teams the Steelers played in each season. If they played the same teams this year that they played in 2005 I believe the rushing yards would be even lower.

Willie may be getting more carries but 4.8 to 4.2 yards is a significant drop. When Ben throws more than 30 times the Steelers are horrible. But he only throws over 30 when the team is behind and that?s why it looks like the amount of passes cause the loss. When it?s a lack of production in the running game not having Ben throw too much. I hope Tomlin goes back to Dan Krieder or the Steelers may be in trouble when they go up against better defenses like the Pats. They will destroy a ground attack with no fullback.

I think 2006 was an wasted year because cower was leaving.
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