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Default Re: Dr.Z: Steelers headed for a season collapse.

Even if the Steelers lose against the Bengals I totally disagree. The loss to Denver was a disappointment but not a complete surprise. If Cutler and the Broncos played ball like they new how they would have not had the record they had when the Steelers went to Denver.

At the beginning of the season I thought the Denver game could go either way and when I saw the Steelers come out kinda lack-luster in the first half (also stated by John Madden) I knew they were in trouble. the fact that they came back and almost won in the end tells me that at half time Tomlin lit a fire under their buts.

The main thing I see with our team is the defensive secondary and no fullback in the backfield.

The game coming up against Cinci is what I believe has turned into our most heated rival. I know there is more hitting against the Ravens but after we knocked the Bengals out of the play-offs last year they are going to be fired up for this one. Add to that the Steelers have beaten them the last four times they played in Cinci and you've got a team who will look at this game as a play-off game and nothing less.

I disagree with his post.
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