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Default Arians Throws Ben Under The Bus

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said he called more running plays in the first half in Denver, but quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had to audible pass plays because the Broncos were overloading their defensive front to stop the run. Arians said some of the audibles called by Roethlisberger -- quick lateral throws to the wide receiver -- are actually like running plays.

"To me, the flanker screen is a run, that's a long handoff," Arians said.

The Steelers' play-calling has come into question because they attempted 24 pass plays and ran just 12 times in the first half against the NFL's worst rush defense (187 yards per game). The Steelers lost 31-28.

I thought all week the party line was that Arians called the plays he did because that was what was available? Certainly have not heard this explanation from Tomlin or Ben.

So did Ben audible that first drive down the field to start the game? For some reason IMO if that was the case Ben would have shared that information Now Ben can learn what it is like to have someone dump play calling issues on him.

Even if true, Arians coming out with this information after his play calling has been criticized for the past 5 days looks like blame shifting (even though he also tells us a flanker screen should be counted as a running play anyhow) - not what i expect from a coach.
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