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Default Re: Without a Fullback

One more item that makes me believe having Krieder in the backfield at times would be a plus. During play-action plays Ben fakes a hand-off to Willie then Wiliie flares out for a pass. As soon as a d-linemen gets past the o-line thats it. But with Dan in the game, who is the best blocking back on the steelers Ben has a extra blocker to stop the blitz or what-have-you.

The play action game is also suffering because when your in a semi-run or semi-pass formation and your ground game is not producing in a game the play-action is less effective. The way the offense is now teams are starting to play the pass and then the run when thats usually the other way around with the Steelers.

I think Arians is doing a good job this year and I do think the offense is improving. I may be an old school Steelers fan who does not see going into more passing formations on first downs as a plus. If thats the case the so-be-it. But I still believe that putting a Dan back in the game would be a plus.

The last time the Steelers tried to go to more of a passing offense It did not work. The only reason the passing game went so well with Tommy Maddox in the first year is because no teams were prepared for the Steelers to pass so much. But the following year it crashed because teams were preparing for them to pass first and the Steelers were built for running game first to set up the pass.

Maybe they are trying to go to a Colts or Pats game plan where you pass to set up the run. I dont know but I still think Tomlin is in his learning year and he will use what works the best.

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