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Default Re: Steelers need to stop pointing fingers

Originally Posted by TroysBadDawg View Post
When the media has nothing to do they invent stories, twist the truth, or plain tell lies to support thier story line.

What ever happened to the people have a right to know the entire TRUTH, not just part or the writers belief of the truth, or better yet what they want as the truth.

I once read the late great planet Earth, I now am beginning to believe it is the late great U.S.A. thank you liberals.
I knew there had to be some reason I liked you so much, TBD!
"We're not going to turn our backs on him," Ward said. "We're going to treat him like our brother. We're going to accept him back and be very supportive of him and help him get through this. In this locker room, he's still our quarterback."
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