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Default Re: Arians Throws Ben Under The Bus

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
I still just don't see it, Dan, sorry. When a QB is facing 8- and 9-man fronts, it's expected he try to change the play. If the Steelers had continue to run against those fronts without success, the fans would have questioned why they didn't pass enough, as they did after the loss to the Cardinals.

This is a classic case of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Fans want someone to blame, so players and coaches go out of their way more often than not to accept it, even when they are only part of the reason for the loss. And if they don't, well, this is what happens.

I always respect you and your opinion, Dan, but I see nothing wrong with what Arians said.
We will agree to disagree on this - I agree it is a non-issue as to what happened last week. By Arians feeling it necessary to explain a situation for which he has been taking heat five days after a loss he elected to keep the issue alive, which reflects a certain insecurity on his part and an indication he does not think it is a non-issue (such as his need to explain how flanker screens are just like running plays). In addition, given how Ben reacts to any criticism from coaches, laying anything on Ben before a crucial game is simply not a good idea.

Coach K at Duke has a saying when you suffer a setback - next play. Arians could have just let it pass with an equivalent or no comment on Friday, but since Tomlin called out the play calling to NBC at halftime maybe Arians has been taking heat from sources other than Internet boards and the media or still has scars from his less than brilliant tenure in Cleveland.
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