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Default Re: Is Polamalu overrated?

Your kidding, right??

Remember that sensational game we had against Indy during our Super-Bowl run? We all know Peyton is among the greats when it comes to breaking down the QB position, and with that in mind I want you to go back and watch Peyton's eyes each and every pre-snap he took. "Now....where the **** is 43 lining up this time?" Thats a pretty accurate description of what you'll get trying to read his eyes.

Yes, INTs/sacks/tackles are nice to see, but for a steeler fan to not understand why Lebeau moves Troy around so much baffles me. Has Lebeau not made it blatantly clear that he knows what hes doing?!?!

Be patient my friend. While the stat sheet might show that he's not having a regular "Troy Year" the fact of the matter is he is being put in position to MAKE PLAYS, and a player of his caliber will do nothing but that when called upon

And even in his quiets of games STAT-WISE, just know that QB is earning his paycheck for ever snap he takes just trying to decipher where #43 makes his presence felt from
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