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Default Re: Arians Throws Ben Under The Bus

No matter who changed the plays the fact the the Steelers passed the ball, what was it, thirteen out of fifteen plays is not good. A tone was set for the D-line to pin their ears back because the team was going to pass first. This snowballed into Ben being rushed and sacked all game long. weather the running game is working or not the Steelers always establish a ground game tone so that the defense has to keep loinebackers at home. This causes the play-action to work better or be more effective.

I know its not that bad but I think someone on the Steelers coaching staff needs to say establish the ground game or ground game identity first and foremost. We do not have the Pats or the Colts offense but are trying to operate like them Pass to set up the run. When the Steelers are built to run to set up the pass.

Each time I watch the pre-game shows or Playbook on the NFL Network this is the quote. "I look for the Steelers to get back and do what they do best and thats run the football." But then they come out and pass 13 out of 15 first plays.

Don't mean to seem negative but even though we are 4-2 after watching the NFL replay of the game almost twice on NFL network and knowing we have the Ravens twice and the Pats I hope the offense gets going or that could be 3 losses. The Steelers have not faced a D like those yet and we lost to the Cards and the Broncos two games we all thought they would win.

Just a concerned Steelers fan, not a griper.

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