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Default Re: Steelers' strategy gets a pass

I value his opinion on the run to pass ratio on first down and the numbers he has do support his theory.

What I will say though is this:

The Steelers do not only run on first down for a production by numbers result. Here are some other reasons to run on first down weather it gets ten yards or two.

1) it establishes a physical identity on the offensive side of the ball

2) It establishes a run first and pass second in the defensive players and coaches minds.

3) The offense line loves to see Willie go for twenty yards its fires them up.

4) it demoralize the defensive line.

5) it tires out the D line

6) Keeps the D line from pinning its ears back and just pass rushing.

7) Causes the D-coordinator to move the a safety up in the box. Better for passing game.

8) MOST OF ALL!!! It sets up play-action passing, causes it to be more effective. This has been one of the Steelers best offensive attributes.

So even though I believe his numbers add up to validate his statement. there are more things to consider when you are measuring the productiveness of running on first down. As a matter of fact most of them cannot be measured on paper.

Also the Steelers have FIVE Superbowl rings with a run on first down mentality. Even though your numbers may be better it may not contribute to the column where the numbers matter the most thats the W/L column.
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