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Default Re: Bengals have issues; Chad's not one of 'em

Yuck. We would win one extra game with him because of his talent and lose 6 others because of his selfishness, ability to distract teammates, showboating and locker room antics all which would destroy the team unity and dynamic which all true winning teams thrive and depend on.

And I find Chad Johnson hilarious, too, in the same way I find stupid people making fools of themselves hilarious. If I ever find myself not laughing at him and laughing with him, I'll be convinced that I'm Charlie from "Flowers for Algernon" and the experimental treatment wore off and I've become retarded again. And, since I've never been retarded, I'm pretty sure that eliminates me from actually ever laughing with him, unless HE starts taking the experimental treatment from the book, which is even more unlikely since it was a work of fiction.
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