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Originally Posted by NV STEELERS 723 View Post
I think some high draft picks in the OF line position is a must....have you guys noticed that Brady and Manning hardly ever get sacked?

They have all day to throw!
But Manning has adapted to a rookie at LT - this from the Boston Globe today:

The Patriots visit the Colts next Sunday in one of the most anticipated regular-season games in recent NFL history. From discussions with coaches and scouts around the league, here are three nuggets on the Colts' offense:

1. Commitment to the run: Defensive coordinators facing the Colts have generally used the same approach, splitting their safeties in the back half of the field in an attempt to take away the big passing play. In past years, quarterback Peyton Manning might have still tried to hit the big play, but this year - more than ever - he's content to hand the ball to running back Joseph Addai (100 carries, 492 yards) when defenses present a seven-man front.

2. 12 personnel: In past years, offensive coordinator Tom Moore has favored a personnel package with three receivers and one tight end, but that has changed this year. Instead, Moore uses mostly 12 personnel - two receivers and two tight ends. The key is tight end Dallas Clark (30 catches, 6 TDs), who creates mismatch problems for a defense because - like Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson - he plays the role of both tight end and receiver. "If you decide to put your sub defense in, they will line him up next to the offensive tackle and go into a run formation and identify where the nickel is and run to it," said one assistant coach. "If you stay with your base, they can put him in the slot and attack you that way."

3. Quicker throws: With a rookie left tackle in Tony Ugoh, the Colts are getting the ball out of Manning's hands quicker. One of the team's trademarks - the deep crossing route off play-action - hasn't been as prevalent, apparently because the Colts aren't as confident in their protection after 10-year veteran Tarik Glenn, Manning's longtime blind-side protector, unexpectedly retired this offseason.

Agreed the OL needs work but but great QBs and O- coordinators adjust to changes in the personnel around them - if the Steelers have thrown anything other than a flanker screen out a three step drop this year i cannot remember it. If it was not for Ben's mobility this pass offense would be inept; maybe the next step is for Anderson and Arians to work with Ben on some change-ups that will force changes in coverages.
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