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Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Simmons has gone from a liability to a cancer. I get the feeling that the O-Line has to account for Simmons' gaffes on occasion, therefore making them look silly as a unit. Simmons is a bust. A first-rounder, and has yet to reach All-Pro status. Instead, the best Steelers can hope for out of this guy is an average performance.

Simmons, like Starks, is a backup and not a starter. He's too damn soft and gets destroyed by the more competant to average DT's. The Front Office dropped the ball on his re-signing.
Agreed - IMO the front office hit the panic button when the Faneca negotiations blew up, had money to spend on the O-line this season, and had the options of spending it on Starks or Simmons. So Simmons won the lottery
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