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Default Re: One possible area of concern

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
In response to Lewis and Thomas sniping at each other, former Raven Ed Hartwell had this to say about Ray Ray, the man and the myth:

As for Hartwell, he not only shares a friendship with Thomas but also a bond, because the two both played under Lewis's large shadow in Baltimore, which wasn't always the easiest assignment. Hartwell wasn't the only linebacker who sometimes felt Lewis received credit for plays he wasn't always making.

"You noticed that, too?" Hartwell said, when asked if Lewis sometimes jumped on top of a pile to be credited with a tackle. "Ray has had a great career and obviously he's gone out and made plays. That's who he is.

"But sometimes he might barely touch a guy, and if that's what worked for Ray and the TV would keep mentioning he was in on another tackle, why wouldn't you do it?"
Thats funny and thats a good point...I always thought Ray was over-rated myself I crack up when some people think Ray is the best MLB ever......I guess these people never heard of Jack Lambert,Dick Butkus,Ray Nitschke,Willie Lanier and Mike

He was a great player but nowhere near the best MLB Wouldn't make my top five personally...Now I didn't see four in those top five and only remember Singletary at the end of his career but I have studied the history of the NFL and those would be my top five...My opinion don't matter
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