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Default Re: Steelers vs Browns Game Talk Thread

please , Please, please, brownie fans give it up already. Today i keep hearing IF IF If If, give me a friggin break.

There saying if Norhcutt woould have caught a pass on the sidelines.
If Difer would have connected with Edwards early in the game.

Brownie fans I have some IFS!

If Hines Ward`s catch in the endzone could have counted, although we did score.
If we had a timeout to review another Hines Ward almost Td catch before halftime.
If Ben would have played!
If Batch could have played the whole game.
If Fast Willie would have played!
If Farrior would have played!
If Troy would have caught the fourth quarter pass, intead of his shuffle pass to you!
If Hope would have caught the Dilfer pass in the endzone, instead of the easy drop!

How about these!

If we just would have forfiet and gave you the win!
If we weren`t better than you year after year!
Maybe if Cowher wasn`t our coach since he is 18-5 against you!

Be glad we don`t consider you a big rival anymore!
brownie fans Talk if you must, We Kicked your ASS! That isn`t just Talk
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